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Word Perfect English is a company that provides a FREE community for students to practice speaking English anytime they like!

Word Perfect English started as a team of individual English teachers who wanted to create a more accessible and more exciting way of learning and speaking English, wherever you are in the world!

Our founding members, Liam Anderson and Vicky Meszaros, are both experienced and qualified English language teachers who created an online community so their students could practice speaking English after their lessons. As this became a great opportunity for their students to further improve their verbal English, Liam and Vicky decided to share Word Perfect English with the rest of the world!


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Not only can you send written messages to other members, but you can also share English articles, discuss topics in our English chat forum and even privately video chat for free!

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Choose to speak to people in a group chat room or in a private room with one person.

Word Perfect English connects learners from all around the world and gives them the opportunity to Practice Speaking English in a friendly, interactive and FREE community.

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Liam Anderson
Liam Anderson
United Kingdom
£10 per 60 minutes
10+ years of teaching, training & coaching experience.
Student Review: "So, I’m very very satisfied with Liam! His techniques are perfect, he is excellent in teaching business English, and I’m in pretty sure that he is the best teacher for me and I state it honestly. In addition Liam is very kind, straight and very good in focusing, he can easily recognise what is the best grammar, vocabulary and speaking topics for me. Liam is always well prepared for the lessons with a tons of topics, excercises, so he doesn’t waste my time. Moreover I can learn a lot not only about English but useful probelem solving techniques as well."
Vicky Meszaros
United Kingdom
£15 per 60 minutes
7+ years of teaching & training experience.
Student Review: "Our topics are very versatile. It covers current affairs, music, psychology, work related issues and any of my interests. Vicky was able to adapt to my style and with her witty and charming personality, we created an effective pair. My spoken English improved a lot in the last semester and not only have I gained confidence regarding my work but I’m also more easy-going with my English speaking acquaintances. I highly recommend Vicky to anybody who wants to improve and have lots of fun!"

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