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100 English Language Learning Tips

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100 English Language Learning Tips eBook

100 English Language Learning Tips eBook

100 top tips from English teachers designed to help you improve and practice the English language in different and interesting ways. All of the tips are in a printable poster format so you can use them as an ebook or physical, colourful reminders!
Studying English can become difficult, slow and boring! The English Tips ebook will help motivate you and help your English language  skills progress through methods you may not have tried before!
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Learning English is exciting, challenging and rewarding, all at the same time! Sometimes, however, studying can become boring, lifeless and dull. Usually this is due to students 'hitting a wall' (a barrier or obstacle), losing motivation from not seeing progression or just simply not enjoying learning any more. All of these are common amongst most students and you probably have felt these too.

You no longer have to worry about these problems!

Word Perfect English's Language Learning Tips eBook provides a variety of methods to learn and practice English and help progress you onto the next level! From advice such as "starting an English blog" to "making an effort to learn collocations", each one of the 100 posters will provide you with guidance and ideas on how you can personally change the way you study English.

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