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3 Fast Ways to Improve English Pronunciation!

Pronunciation Hacks

3 Fast Ways to

Improve English Pronunciation!

Thanks to www.englishpronunciationroadmap.com

Do you need to improve your English pronunciation quickly?

Here at Word Perfect English, one of the most common problems we hear about for students is English pronunciation!

“How can I sound more native quickly?”

Well, today we may have the answer! Our friends at englishpronunciationroadmap.com are experts in the field of English pronunciation. Using their experience and knowledge, they have created some fantastic tips and resources to help learners of any level to sound more native and fast!

Below, you can see their top 3 ways to improve English pronunciation. Click one each picture to take you directly to the post and start improving right now!


5 British Pronunciation Hacks:

How to Bridge the Gap Between Spellings and Speech

Pronunciation Hacks

“You know that there are some secret spelling rules that unlock the pronunciation of British English, don’t you?

Here are the 5 ‘must-know’ ways to help you speak in a standard British English accent with more confidence and clarity.”

Word Perfect English review;

This FREE post explains some great tips on how to pronounce English words which include the letter ‘R’, ‘G’, word stress and more. Everything is explained in written text but the post also includes a fantastic video showing examples and clear explanations. This is the perfect to improve English pronunciation in less than 10 minutes!

Word Perfect English score – 8/10



British English Pronunciation ‘Crash Course

Pronunciation Crash Course

– Free eBook Mini-Course

– 850 most common words in English and how to pronounce them.

– The exact tongue and lip positions and the correct length of each  sound

– 42 minutes of free audio (every single one of those 850 words)

Word Perfect English review;

A FREE mini-course that is available to download as a PDF. This course is for students who are wanting a deeper understanding of English pronunciation. Not only does is explain how to pronounce the most commonly used English words, but gives you audio examples and explains how to physically make that sound. As a free course, this is amazing value!

Word Perfect English score – 9/10

British English Pronunciation Roadmap eBook

Pronunciation eBook
– Discover your habits and how to fix them immediately
– 12 hrs of downloadable audio
– 300+ pages, 1000’s of examples, 100’s of practice sentences…
– Signposts for when to record yourself and compare it to the audio

Quotes about the eBook:

The material is unique and very useful… the tips on tongue position and lips were easy, intuitive to learn and I feel they have made a massive difference… I feel my confidence whilst speaking has improved enormously… I’m impressed!”
Dr Mahesh Jayaram, Consultant Psychiatrist, Indian
“The quality of the material is great and still allows me to practice on my own.
Alessandro S, IBM Research, Italian
Word Perfect English review;

This product will last you a lifetime! It contains absolutely everything you will need to improve English pronunciation right now and for years to come. With over 300 pages of pronunciation help and practice, over 12 hours of audio to practice with and a 100% unique personal assessment, it is one of the most complete pronunciation packages we have come across. This must cost a fortune, right? Actually it doesn’t! All of this starts at a price as little as £29.95! What a bargain!

Word Perfect English score – 10/10


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