6 Amazing Lists for Feelings & Emotion Idioms!

Emotion Idioms

6 Amazing Feelings & Emotion Idiom Lists!

Created by Word Perfect English

Does being ‘tongue-tied’ make you ‘go bananas’?

When was the last time you were ‘at sixes and sevens’?

Confused? Let us show you our favourite feelings and emotion idioms!


Sometimes, describing how we are feeling is difficult to put into words. For example, you start your new university course to study medicine, but you know absolutely nothing about medicine! Not only are you confused but you feel lost, not smart enough and feel uncomfortable being there. If only there was an expression to explain how you feel! Well, there is! In English. to ‘be out of one’s depth’ means exactly all of those things.

Expanding your feelings and emotion idioms will not only grow your vocabulary bank but help you express yourself!

Our native teachers have created pictured wordlists with some of our favourite idioms describe exactly how we feel sometimes. They are organised depending on the emotion i.e scared, worried, surprised, angry etc.

Each wordlist poster can be saved and shared with your friends! You can learn them, study them, practice them, use them and share them! Perfect!

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Have fun and keep learning!


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