Who are Word Perfect English?

Word Perfect English is a company that provides a FREE community for students to practice speaking English anytime they like!

Word Perfect English started as a team of individual English teachers who wanted to create a more authentic and more exciting way of learning and speaking English.

Our founding members, Liam Anderson and Vicky Meszaros, are both experienced and qualified English language teachers who created an online community so their students could practice speaking English after their lessons. As this became a great opportunity for their students to further improve their verbal English, Liam and Vicky decided to share Word Perfect English with the rest of the world!

Our Mission Statement is:

 To ensure that everyone regardless of their background, location and personal standing has access to high-quality language education as well as peer support and interaction.

Our Vision: 

We believe that language education is for all of us and so by using 21st century technology and dedication we will provide language opportunities and skills to students worldwide, to ensure that everyone can receive the education and undergo the development they deserve and want for themselves.

“What do Word Perfect English do?”

Word Perfect English connects English learners from all over the world for FREE!

Our unique online community is an engaging way to practice speaking English!

Whether you are preparing for a language exam, travelling around Europe or furthering your career, Word Perfect English provides a community of online members who share your interests and ambitions and who would like to help you! You can create a profile, follow other members, privately message your friends or language partners, chat in our forums, access our FREE reading resources and speak to real people online!

“Why Choose Word Perfect English?”

Practice speaking English 24/7 with a real person for FREE!

We combine language learning with all the benefits modern technology can provide, to ensure your learning experience is as exciting as possible.

Every member creates a FREE Word Perfect English profile which shows their hobbies, what they like to speak about and their level of English. You can follow your favourite members and speak to each other privately, both online and in written messages.

“What Does The Future Hold for Word Perfect English?”

More members to practice speaking with, affordable English lessons and a selection of private teachers!

Word Perfect English will continue to grow and attract more and more members for people to practice speaking English with! However, it won’t stop there.

In the near future, Word Perfect English will also provide affordable and expert English lessons to help our members perfect their English! In addition, we will have a selection of qualified, professional, native English teachers available to teach members privately online.