How to Compare & Describe in English Using Idioms!

Describe in English

Compare & Describe in English Using Idioms!

4 English Idioms Lists by Word Perfect English


Who would you describe as being “like chalk and cheese?”
Do these people get on “like a house on fire?”
Or is their relationship a little bit “frosty?”
Our 4 beautiful infographics below will help you learn how to use idioms to describe in English!

Despite the English language having a wide-range of vocabulary, there is still a need for idiomatic expressions to compare, contrast and describe what we mean exactly! The ‘play on words’ aspect of an idiom or idiomatic phrase provides more colour and character to the language and helps create a better picture or story.

To structure a descriptive or comparative idiom, we often use the word ‘like’ to highlight something similar. For example, to “eat like a horse” creates the image of a person with a large appetite, similar to a horse! Another way to structure these idioms is to use ” as [verb] as a [noun] ” to compare. An example of this would be to say if someone is “as sick as a dog”, then you are comparing that persons health to the health of a dog! Fairly simple, right?

The structures are explained to you above and the infographics show you some great examples of how to describe in English through idioms, but why use them? Well, native English speakers use idioms probably more often than they realise! To become truly fluent and competent in English, it is important to be aware of some idiomatic phrases. Plus, being able to express yourself more accurately and more imaginatively is never a bad thing!

Studying and remembering the phrases above is no easy task so do not forget to practice! Save the infographics, share them with your friends and try to use them whenever the opportunity is there. If you do not have a chance to practice English, don’t worry! Become a FREE member here at Word Perfect English and practice speaking English via video chat with other learners!

Have fun and keep learning!


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