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Word Perfect English Word of the Day Challenge

English Word of the Day Challenge

Are You Ready For The ‘Word Perfect English Word of the Day Challenge’ ?

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Expanding and growing your vocabulary can be one of the most challenging aspects of learning English but our ebook can make it easier and more simple to improve everyday.
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The Word Perfect English ‘Word of the Day Challenge’ is designed for English language learners of all levels to learn new English words and use them the same day!

The challenge is very simple!

 There are 29 ‘Word of the Day’ cards below. Each card will show:

* A ‘Word of the Day’

* What type of word it is (a noun, an adjective or a verb)

* A definition of the word

Each day for the next 30 days, you must study, translate and learn your new English word and then use it as many times as you can in that same day. You can use it at work, in a restaurant or in a friendly conversation! The challenge is to use the word as many times as possible. On the 30th day, you must use ALL the words at least once in the same day!

Learning and practising new English words is a great way to improve your vocabulary, communication and general English skills. By repeating the same word and making an effort to use it in a conversation, you are ‘reinforcing’ the word in your own mind. This means it will stay in your memory and give you the confidence to use it when you need to!

What if you do not have the opportunity to practise your new English words?

Word Perfect English is a FREE online community of English language learners. Each member creates a profile and then is able to practice speaking English via video chat for FREE! You can leave written messages for the community, send private messages to members, share English materials on your profile wall, video chat in a group or even one-to-one. You can learn and practice English whenever you like!


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