WPE Frequently Asked Questions

“How do I practice speaking English with Word Perfect English?”

1 – Register and create your own profile.

2 – Find a partner in our online community of learners.

3 – Practice speaking English online or with private, written messages.

“How do I start a private or group chat?”

To enter a group chat, login to your account and join a room on the ‘Practice‘ page.

To start a private chat you need to find an online partner from the ‘Practice’ page, click on the ‘Start A Hangout’ button on your or the member’s  profile page and share the link with your partner via ‘Private Message’.

This method guarantees a safe and private room and also allows you to ignore or refuse a private chat.

“This is new to me, do I have to pay for this service?”

 Both registration and membership are FREE of charge.

Word Perfect English is dedicated to providing a FREE, online community for English language learners worldwide. We ensure that everyone has the opportunity to practice speaking English from the comfort of their home.

“How often can I speak to people?”

You can speak and message with our members anytime you like.

As the community is available worldwide, you will find members online and happy to communicate at anytime of the day.

All you need to do is to check out the ‘Practice’ page of the website and select a partner to talk to.

“How do I register with Word Perfect English?”

Select ‘Register‘ from our main menu at the top of the page and complete the quick and easy form with your level of English  and some interests to personalise your account. You can also register using Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+.

Make sure you fill in the required fields marked with an * and agree to our Terms and Conditions.

“What can I do with my profile page?”

Your Word Perfect English profile allows you to share your interests, topics you would like to discuss with your partners and  your level of English. You can also upload a profile picture and a cover photo to personalise your page!

Just click on the cog icon to edit and save your profile.

“How can I interact with other Word Perfect English members?”

The main aim of Word Perfect English is to connect English language learners from all over the world in the most interactive and enjoyable way possible! You can communicate with others through private messages or by speaking online. In addition,  you can follow your favourite members.

“What are badges and how can I get them?

Badges are rewards for member interactions on the wordperfectenglish.com. You can receive them for logging in a certain amount of times, interacting with members online or following others/being followed.

“Can I follow Word Perfect English on other social media websites?”

Yes, of course. Word Perfect English is very active and involved on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

To check out some of our posts, click on our Social Media page. To follow/like us on any of them, just click on the social media icons. Our Tumblr posts are also visible on the right-hand side of your profile page.

“What FREE resources can I get?”

Word Perfect English makes sure that we post engaging and relevant resources and learning material on our Resources page.

All members have FREE access to these resources and can test their understanding of the material through quizzes or videos.

You can also share or like our resources on our social media accounts.

“How and what can I change in settings?”

You can change your settings under My Profile > Settings. You can update your contact details and change your password.

In addition, you can also update your privacy settings and notification preferences.

“How do I change my picture?”

Log in to your account and click on the small cog symbol under your picture. In this, you will see an option to ‘Edit Profile’.

Here you will be able to change your pictures and update your Bio.

“What is Social Connect?”

Social Connect means that you can register and log-in to Word Perfect English through your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn accounts.

“Do you provide any lessons to your members?

Right now, Word Perfect English is developing really exciting, relevant and affordable group lessons for its members.

We are dedicated to providing authentic, high-quality but relaxed lessons to our English language students. We will also          provide a variety of qualified, experienced and native English teachers for private tuition online.

“How Do I Subscribe/Unsubscribe to the Newsletter?”

You can subscribe or remove a subscription to our newsletter by clicking onto ‘Setting’ and then ‘Web Notifications’. Here you can select or remove the option to receive our newsletter.