It’s All Greek To You? Top English Idioms for Countries & Colours!

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“It’s All Greek To Me!”

Top English Idioms for Countries & Colours!


When was the last time you were “tickled pink“?
How often to you tell little “white lies“?
Are you expecting an “Indian summer“?
Not sure what I am even asking you? Allow Word Perfect English to translate!


The English language can be a playful and colourful tool when it is used properly! This is no more true than with idioms for countries and colours.

Idioms are a defined as a ‘play on words’. This means that the words that are used are not literal but metaphorical. They create a picture within your mind to describe the situation better than simple adjectives. They are a key part of English to expand your vocabulary and become more native-sounding.

Our native teachers here at Word Perfect English have chosen their favourite idioms for countries and colours and created 3 beautiful word lists. Learning and understanding the meaning of these phrases can not only help you understand English conversations, music and movies better, but also help you express yourself more accurately!

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