Habla Espanol? – English Irregular Verbs with Spanish Translations!

English Irregular Verbs

Habla Espanol?

English Irregular Verbs in English & Spanish!

Thanks to our friends at Dilo En Ingles.

“Which verbs are regular and which are irregular?”
“How do I change an irregular verb into the past tense?”
“I speak Spanish! Can I translate English irregular verbs into Spanish?”
Are these questions something you would ask? No problem! Take a look below.

English Irregular Verbs

What is the biggest difference between regular and irregular verbs? Well, English irregular verbs don’t have any rules! English is not always logical!

English irregular verbs do not follow the same rules as regular verbs. For example, the past form of  ‘play’ is ‘played’. This is because it is a regular verb. An irregular verb however does not add the ‘ed’ on the end of the verb e.g. ‘sing’ becomes ‘sang’ in the past simple and ‘sung’ in the past perfect/participle. We can not create a rule for irregular verbs in the past tense as different verbs form different past verbs! Sounds challenging, right?

Studying and practicing is the key to remembering English irregular verbs! Without a rule to a remember, we feel this is best way for all students to learn English natively and practically. Our friends at Dilo es Ingles have created a fantastic video and PDF documents showing English irregular verbs in all forms and translating them into Spanish. This is a fantastic method for our Spanish speaking students to memorise vocabulary easier and to connect them to words you already know.

Click on the verb list above to redirect you to the video and the FREE, downloadable, PDF version of the irregular verbs translation.

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