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What is your home like? 12 Adjectives to describe a house

What is your home like?

12 Adjectives to describe a house. 

In our last post on ‘Homes and Houses’ (link) we have looked at the different types of houses people can live in, such as apartments and terraced houses. Today we are following up on that by looking at ways to describe your home with a wide range of descriptive adjectives. You might be describing your home to a new friend or to a potential buyer, or perhaps you are telling someone about your dream house. Either way, there are plenty of adjectives you can use to properly illustrate a house.

1.Cosy: Just because a space is small it doesn’t mean it cannot be lovely. A room or house that is small, but very comfortable and warm could be described as cosy!

‘We stayed in a cosy cottage in the countryside.’

2.Rustic: You can also use adjectives to describe the style of furniture and design in your house. If you have a home with a country style interior, you can call it rustic.

‘Their holiday home has a rustic atmosphere.’


3.Vintage: If you have furnished your home with old but valuable furniture, you might say it is a vintage home.

‘I bought vintage furniture from local markets for my new apartment.’

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4.Traditional: In our modern world it can be very beautiful to keep traditional styles at home, which are old-fashioned and familiar.

‘I prefer a more traditional style of furniture.’

5.Contemporary: Many people nowadays like to have contemporary houses (inside and outside), which means in a style that reflects the fashion/trends of today.

‘Her husband liked traditional furniture, but Anna thought contemporary design was the most beautiful.’

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6.Breath-taking: Often the exteriors and interiors of houses can be surprisingly beautiful, or breathtakingly beautiful.

‘The living room had a breath-taking view of the ocean.’

7.Charming: A very nice way of describing a house is to say it is charming, which means it is very pleasing and full of charm.

‘The living room in their apartment was very charming, full of lovely decorations.’

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8.Elegant: Sometimes if you want to express how tasteful and attractively decorated a room is, you should call it elegant.

She had such elegant taste when she decorated her rooms.’

9.Luxurious: When a home is comfortable and expensively styled, we can describe it as luxurious.

‘She stayed in a very luxurious hotel in the centre of London.’

10.Spacious: To describe a large home you can also say it is spacious.

The dining room is spacious enough to seat our whole family.’

11.Picturesque: If you see a building that looks like it is from a painting or a picture, you can describe it as picturesque.

‘We saw a villa on the beach that was simply picturesque.’

english house vocabulary

12.Minimalistic: Some people say ‘less is more’. These people might have minimalistic houses, with simple design and few patterns and colours.

‘She doesn’t like a lot of decorations and her house is very minimalistic.’

Try out these adjectives to express the beauty of different buildings and dwellings and to broaden your active vocabulary. You can look for language partners on Word Perfect English who are also passionate about architecture and design by creating a free account below.

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