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How to Practice Speaking English for Free!

Do You Want to Practice Speaking English?

Now you can!

Here at Word Perfect English, we believe that everybody around the world should have the opportunity to learn and practice speaking English, for free!
 Watch the video to find out how or read the article below.

Create Your Free Profile Here!


Our hardworking team created the Word Perfect English website for English language learners to meet each other and connect via video chat or written messages. Our aim was to ensure that our service is free for everyone to use and that is exactly what we achieved! Here is how you can practice speaking English for free:

Create a Free Profile

Register yourself as a member and create your own, personal profile. Include as much or as little information as you like! Tell people what level of English you are currently, what you like to talk about and where in the world you are from!

Find a Language Partner

Search through other members' profiles to find people who are of similar level and with similar interests as yourself! You can speak to as many people as you like, whenever and as often as you would like!

Practice Speaking English

So now you are a member and have found somebody you would like to speak to, go ahead and do it! You can send private messages to each others profiles, leave group messages on the Message Wall, join a group chat room or speak privately in you own chat room! To do this, all you need to do is:

Click the 'Start a Hangout' button on your profile (Green Button)

Send the URL to your language partner

Practice speaking English for as long as you would like!

It has never been easier to learn and practice English for free! Since we use the Google Hangouts software for the video chats, we can ensure that our service will remain free and reliable to all users! So enjoy it, have fun and good luck!


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