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Improve your English writing skills instantly!

Improve Your English Writing Skills Instantly!

You hate writing in English, right? Trust me, you aren’t alone! Most of my students hate it too.

As an English teacher, I spend a lot of my time proofreading other people’s business emails, academic theses and job CVs. As I read through a seemingly never-ending document, a question popped into my mind:

“What if my students could proofread their own work?”

I immediately opened my laptop, Google searched ‘free English writing check online’ … and there it was at the top!




This is one of THE BEST tools to help you improve your English writing skills right now. And it is completely FREE!

What on Earth is Grammarly?

Grammarly is an app which proof-reads (checks) your written work for mistakes. These include:

  • Spelling errors
  • Incorrect grammar
  • Punctuation
  • Style of writing (to keep your writing consistent)
  • Wrong use of vocabulary or better alternatives
  • Correct contextual use of language

But this isn’t even the best part! Grammarly also tells you WHY it is incorrect! In other words, it teaches you how to improve your writing for next time!

How does it work?

  1. Upload your document or write your document in the online Grammarly app.
  2. Let Grammarly do the hard work!

It couldn’t be any simpler! All you need to do is select the changes you would like to make. Easy!

Who is Grammarly for?

It’s for you! By you I mean any and every English language learner! Grammarly is already being used by 4,000,000+ people!

Just think about the times you have:

  • Written an email and you found it difficult.
  • Completed your final essay at university.
  • Blogged on your WordPress site but couldn’t think of the correct word.
  • Told people about your day on LinkedIn, Facebook or Tumblr.

You no longer need to be worried about making mistakes and looking silly. The browser extension detects your mistakes instantly and helps you correct them. You can learn from your mistakes and expand your vocabulary at the same time!

Okay, how much will it cost me?

Nothing! Zero! IT’S FREE! And not just for 7 days or 14 days, but forever! Of course, there is a premium version (which I admit I have not tried) but the free version works perfectly for me.

Why would I not use it if it is free?!

I personally have downloaded the app, the Google Chrome browser extension and I use the online app too. I am also an affiliate of Grammarly (this means I receive a small payment for every person who registers with Grammarly through these links) but I would not promote a product I do not use myself. And I use Grammarly almost EVERYDAY since I found it!

You can too by following this link;

Grammar checker

Give it a go, what do you have to lose? =)


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