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What Kind of Furniture Can You Find in Your Home? Kitchen Furniture Infographic

English House Vocabulary

What Kind of Furniture Can You Find in Your Home? Kitchen Furniture Infographic

The kitchen can be the most vibrant, often the most messy, and most charming part of your home. It’s where we often start our days with nutritious breakfasts and strong coffees, where we create delicious meals and share our days with our family and friends. Your kitchen can be old-fashioned and traditional, spacious and modern, or cozy and welcoming; however most contemporary kitchens will feature the following items of furniture and electrical appliances. If you are looking for inspiration for your own kitchen, you can always visit kitchen showrooms and designers, and browse among the products available in order to create the perfect kitchen for you. So whether you are a passionate cook or a proud homeowner, you will find the kitchen vocabulary below very useful when choosing/describing your kitchen furniture.

So let’s have a look at some of the furniture in the most active room of the house.




What is your kitchen like? Do you have a modern kitchen with cutting-edge appliances or a charming, rustic and traditional kitchen? Most people associate kitchens with food, but it provides so much more; it is also where the family comes together and is therefore often the centre of activity in the home. Hopefully, these infographics will help you develop the suitable vocabulary to describe your kitchen confidently and in detail.

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