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What Kind of Furniture Can You Find in Your Home? Living Room Furniture Infographic

English House Vocabulary

What Kind of Furniture Can You Find in Your Home? Living Room Furniture Infographic


The living room is the hub of every house; this is where most of the action happens, where the family comes together and also where we entertain guests the most often. This is why it is very important to have a cozy and welcoming living room with all the necessary and comfortable furniture. Therefore, it is also important for every language learner to be aware of the different types of furniture we can typically find in our living rooms, ranging from technology to decorations.

Being able to correctly name different types of furniture can be very useful in everyday life, and it can make your conversations flow better and increase your confidence in spoken English.

So let’s have a look at some of the furniture in the most important room of a house.

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What is your living room like? Is your design centered around a magnificent fireplace or is your home more modern and makes use of cutting-edge technology with your video and audio systems? The living room serves many purposes, such as relaxing with family while watching a movie, reading by yourself or entertaining guests in a homely setting. In most families however, it will be the most frequently used room in the house and therefore deserves a lot of attention. Hopefully, these infographics will help you develop the right vocabulary to describe your living room with confidence and in detail.

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