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Learn To Cook In English! 45 English Cooking Verbs.

English cooking verbs

Learn To Cook With Word Perfect English!

45 English Cooking Verbs.


 Do you know when to ‘dip’ and when to ‘drizzle’?

What do you ‘mince’ and what do you ‘mash’?

How do you ‘crush’ and how do you ‘chop’?


Reading recipes can be challenging, even for a native English speaker! Misunderstanding the instructions can ruin your whole dish and destroy all of your efforts! For example, to ‘simmer’ eggs is certainly different to ‘boiling’ them, although they are very similar in meaning. Being able to identify the difference between English cook verbs and also understand them is not only improve your English language skills but improve your cooking skills as well!

Word Perfect English’s teachers have creatively designed memorable and colourful posters to help you learn a variety of English cooking verbs. You can find each of them within recipe books for cakes and dishes of any cuisine. Studying and learning these verbs can help you understand recipes better, tell your English-speaking friends about them or even write your own in English!


Below is a slideshow containing all 45 of the most popular English cooking verbs! You can read, save and share each picture so you can access them anytime! Enjoy!

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