‘Recharge Your Batteries’ – Word Perfect English Idiom Lists for People & Health!

English idioms

‘Recharge Your Batteries!’

Word Perfect English Idioms for People & Health!


Are you a ‘picture of health’ or are you ‘on your last legs’?

Would you describe yourself more as a ‘couch potato’ or more ‘full of beans’?

Increase your vocabulary with Word Perfect English People Idiom & Health Idioms Lists!


In English, ‘idioms’ are a playful way to describe and refer to something or someone. In some situation, adjectives just aren’t enough! This is especially true when it comes to people and describing our health. Describing a personas ‘lazy’ is quite often considered rude or impolite but using the idiom ‘couch potato’ is much more acceptable. The same can be said for somebody over-talkative. It would be considered more polite to refer to them as a ‘chatterbox’ rather than somebody who talks to much!

Word Perfect English has compiled 5 idioms lists just for you! Our native teachers have thought of the most commonly used English people idioms and created some beautiful word lists to help you learn and expand your vocabulary.

Simply read the word lists bellow, practice them and share them with your friends! You can also save the pictures to keep them.

So, as always, good luck and enjoy!

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