Word Perfect English Idioms! Food, Body and Animal Idioms

Food English Idioms

Word Perfect English Idioms! – Food, Body and Animal Idioms.

Do you need to “hold your horses” when learning English?
Would you like a “head start” when learning English idioms?
Are they a “tough nut to crack” for you?
Do not worry, Word Perfect English is here to help!

The English language is full of wonderful and weird-sounding expressions, known as ‘idioms’. These ‘idioms’ are best explained as a ‘play on words’, similar to poetry and musical lyrics. To read or listen to an idiom and to take the meaning of the words literally (as they are), then an English idiom will make no sense to anybody at all! The magic of an idiom is the meaning of the expression is hidden, which make them very difficult to guess but extremely enjoyable to learn and use!

Some of the most common English idioms involve using food, animals or the human body as part of the expression. Our native teachers here at Word Perfect English have grouped together some of their most used and most heard idioms, explained the meaning and provided an example for 24 expressions!

Below this article are the 3 posters mentioned above. Please feel free to save these pictures for you to use at home also.

So, “break a leg!”, be an “eager beaver” and I am sure you will find learning English idioms a “piece of cake“!

Food English Idioms
Food English Idioms
Animal English Idioms
Animal English Idioms

Body English Idioms