Don’t Use VERY, Use These … Word Perfect English Vocabulary

English Vocabulary

Word Perfect English Vocabulary

 Don’t Use VERY, Use These …


Have you ever been VERY, VERY happy, but don’t know how to explain it?
Does working make you VERY tired, but unsure how to describe this?
Then it is time to build your English vocabulary with Word Perfect English!


Using the word “very” is a way to express something, such as an emotion or situation, that is more than the average or norm. For example, England is cold in October, usually around 8 degrees Celsius. Today, however, is 3 degrees Celsius which means it is VERY cold! This is a perfectly acceptable way of describing the weather, but how would I describe it if it was 0 degrees Celsius? This is where Word Perfect English can help!

Our native English teachers have carefully selected some English vocabulary that their students could use when communicating. Whether that is how to describe how pretty somebody looks, how tired you feel or how tasty your sandwich is! Developing your English vocabulary can help you communicate better, express yourself more accurately and even help you in your career.

Below are 5 posters showing a list of words you can use with “very” and also showing an alternative to express yourself. Save the lists, study them and share with all your friends on social media! Learning should be for everyone.

So be “keen” to learn and build your “superb” and “exquisite” English vocabulary!

English Vocabulary List 1

English Vocabulary List 2

English Vocabulary List 3

English Vocabulary List 4

English Vocabulary List 5


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